End of Lease/ Tenancy Clean

What is included in an end of tenancy clean?An end of tenancy clean by Newcastle Cleaning Services will leave your home spotless, tidy and free of mess for the next renter. The service includes a minimum of bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and general clean and additional services such as a steam clean of carpet clean can be added if required. Rest assured, an end of lease clean offers a top to bottom service and will leave your property in a beautiful condition.

How long should an end of lease clean take?Every home is different and in order to keep the minimum quality standards, a high-quality cleaner will avoid offering definite time frames on how long a clean will last. Once we have a better idea on how many rooms need done and what additional things are needed (if any), we can offer a more accurate timeframe of the job. 

Can I do end of tenancy cleaning without a professional cleaner?Whilst it is possible to do an end of lease clean yourself, it is not recommended. With certain cleaning conditions often needing to be met before you get your bond back, it is much better hire a company who know what they are doing. We have experience cleaning hundreds of properties at the end of a rental agreement and know what to look for whilst carrying out the clean. 

How much does an end of lease/ tenancy clean cost?How much it will cost to clean your property once your tenancy comes to an end depends on many variables such as no of rooms, what specialist services you would need (if any) and what areas you want cleaned. See below for a few ball park figures for end of lease cleans around Newcastle and the North East

  • Studio flat – from £99
  • 1 bedroom – from £126
  • 2 bedrooms – from £143
  • 3 bedrooms – from £181
  • 4 bedrooms – from £203
  • 5 bedrooms – from £286

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