Window Cleaning

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Streaks appear on your windows every time you clean. You need to climb a ladder to get to those hard to reach places and all you want to do is relax rather than spend your leisure time window cleaning. Newcastle Cleaning Services is just what you need to end your toil. We are the number one solution in the region that can provide you with spotless window treatment. Window cleaning is often a labor-intensive task and requires more than one person to accomplish it when you have a large property. When you employ our services, you get a team that is deeply committed to excellence. 

Improve Appearance
Your windows are the soul of your home or commercial property. Clear glass allows you to see outside before you ever step foot out into the world. You can see the weather if it’s raining or beautiful sunshine, but if there are fingerprints, streaks and dirt clouding your view, it’s hard to appreciate. The grime on your windows not only obstructs your view but it can give a bad impression to those viewing your property not only from inside but indoors. Your windows are a message to the world that transmit how much you care about your property. We lift the burden of window detailing from your shoulders. 

Increase Efficiency
Perhaps we could all use a reduction in our energy bills and cleaning your windows may improve your energy efficiency. When sunlight can pass through without the obstacle of condensation or issues like mold, this can have a positive impact on your heating and ventilation unit. We can even clean heavy layers and of dirty and paint layering that has prevented your windows from functioning properly. Windows that have stiff or unmovable sashes could be a dangerous hazard in emergencies such as fires when you need to exit your property quickly or ventilate the environment quickly. These are preventable circumstances when your windows are clean and working efficiently. 

Extend Lifespan of Windows
When dust and dirt blow through the air, it is often heavy enough to scratch your windows. No doubt you have invested a great deal of money into window treatments to make your residential or commercial property look good. This is why a professional window cleaner can make a significant impact on extending the lifespan of your windows. When scratches and scuff marks appear, you will notice a warping effect, but with routine cleaning, you can avoid these issues and even prevent issues such as cracks and chips to the glass. As a commercial property, your appearance matters to your clients and with our service provision, we can help you maintain a pristine looking establishment and help you protect your windows. 

State of the Art Equipment
Newcastle Cleaning Services prides itself on our ability to provide you with efficient and immaculate window cleaning. You can trust our process because we use state of the art equipment and superior products to tackle tough stains, dirt, and dust removal. We have a tried and true process that is well proven successful from having served countless clients, big and small.

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